Kage of Naruto

Kage  are the leaders of the five most powerful Hidden Villages and generally the most powerful ninja in their respective villages. These villages do not rule the country, but are equal to the government. The Kage stand equally with the rulers of their countries, oversee the activities of their villages, and are the leaders of ninja society. There may be exceptions, however, as a ninja may be the most powerful at the time of being installed as Kage, but may become less powerful upon aging, eventually being surpassed by a younger ninja. A Kage may retire and give the title to someone else; however, once granted, the title is held permanently, creating a situation where a village has two Kage at the same time, with only one of them actually active. Their elite status is also attributed to the tendency for most Kage to have family members who were previous Kage, or be personally taught by a former Kage or student of a former Kage, or some combination of these factors.

Hokage: Kage of Konohagakure.
1rd Hokage: Hashirama Senju
2nd Hokage: Tobirama Senju
3rd Hokage: Hiruzen Sarutobi
4th Hokage: Minato Namikaze
5th Hokage: Tsunade
6the Hokage Candidate: Danzo Shimura

Kazekage: Kage of Sunagakure. Currently Gaara is the Fifth Kazekage, his father being his immediate predecessor.
1st Kazekage:
2nd Kazekage:
3rd Kazekage:
4th Kazekage:
5th Kazekage: Gaara

Mizukage:  Kage of Kirigakure.
2nd Mizukage: leader of Kirigakure and a member of the Hōzuki clan.
4th Mizukage: Yagura
5th Mizukage: Mei Terumi

Raikage: Kage of Kumogakure.
1st Raikage:
2nd Raikage:
3rd Raikage: A’s father
4th Raikage: A

Tsuchikage: Kage of Iwagakure.
1st Tsuchikage:
2nd Tsuchikage: Muu
3rd Tsuchikage: Oonoki

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