Naruto world

Based off a popular Japanese manga, which was later animated, by Masashi KishimotoNaruto is the story of an outcast boy who wants to grow up to become a respected ninja. The story mostly centers around the main character, Naruto, but there are a slew of other characters that also get showcased.

The fandom for Naruto is a very mixed bag. The categories and genres range all across the board. Het and yaoi are featured prominently, while yuriseems to be rarer, possibly due to the fact that a significantly larger proportion of the characters in the series are male than female. Because of the large cast of characters for this series there is a wide and seemingly limitless array of pairings and ships.

Since the premier of the Naruto anime on Toonami in 2005, the fandom has received a flood of Mary Sues and self-inserts.

Naruto family photo

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