Talk about the Utchiha brothers

Sasuke Utchiha

Sasuke Utchiha

Sasuke is the example of a good and happy kid, who got through a tragedy. He uses only his hatred as a motivator and it is shown to work quite well for him.

But deep down his hatred comes from love.Yeah that’s right LOVE. He loved his parent and relatives a lot. And he loves even more his big brother Itachi.

Let me say a few words about his fighting style and his jutsu. Compared to Naruto, Sasuke can use 2 elements, has far better training, and knowledge. He also uses far more strategy when in a battle and most of the times calm.

Itachi Uchiha

Itachi Uchiha

First of all he’s an Uchiha and has not only the Sharingan, but the Mangekyou Sharingan(which he awaken some time before he killed the entire Uchiha clan.

Itachi has always been a piece-lover(he hates war) but just had the bad luck of growing up during the 3rd Great Ninja War.

I admire how he’s always so calm and analytical and almost unbeatable.

He did everything to protect his little brother (Sasuke Uchiha). But to tell you the truth he had no choice in one scenario he would do what he did in the other there would spring another war if the Uchiha clan started it.

He also is powerful enough to defeat Nagato(Pain) alone. And not to forget that he fought Sasuke, while in pills.

The charming of Hatake Kakashi

Hatake Kakashi is one very popular role in Naruto, although he is not the hero of this anime, it couldn’t not stop Kakashi become a popular star in Naruto. Today, let’s talk about the charming of Kakashi and why he is so hot?

1 mysterious appearance

Kakashi always wearing a mask, it is only eyes could be seen on his face! He is too mysterious, so the fans always guess how handsome he is.

2 be on good terms with Naruto

Kakashi has a good relationship with Naruto, when he together with Natuto, he always seems very calm and deep, and while Naruto looks very flurry and petulant. This contrast also highlight Kakashi’s charming.

3 Powerful strength

The strength of Kakashi is also very mysterious and elusive same as his appearance. However, there is one point we could affirm, his strength is close the Kage level. Do not forget he is the first technician of Konohagakur, and his father is Hatake Sakumo whose strength is no less than 3rd Hokage. Perhaps the Hatak family also owns the powerful Kekkei genkai. But to Kakashi, the most powerful Jutsu is the Rinnegan.

4 Impressive past

It is not doubt so many people feel sad and move for his miserable history, so there are many people admire his strong and perseverance. When he stand in front of Sasuke and said, there is no one important to me, they are all killed.” we know how strong he is.

5 Desultory but optimistic character

Kakashi usually make us feel he is desultory, but when the danger is really coming, he can stand up on his own, and his optimistic character usually make us feel funny.