The Geography of Naruto


Konohagakure, also known as Konoha, is the hidden village within the Land of Fire and the primary setting of the series. As the hidden village of one of the Five Great Shinobi Nations, the village is led by a Kage, known as the Hokage. The faces of the first four Hokage are engraved on the rock formation overlooking Konohagakure.


Sunagakure , also known as Suna, is one of the five great ninja villages, and as such has a Kage, known as the Kazekage, as its leader. Before the start of the series, the Land of Wind’s feudal lord began to reduce Sunagakure’s budget, and send mission requests to Konohagakure instead of Sunagakure.


Amegakure is situated in an unnamed country. The country’s borders are highly defended, and those wishing to pass through it are subject to constant surveillance for the duration of their stay.


Otogakure is Orochimaru’s personal village. He founded it for the sole purpose of collecting ninja for his experiments, and his quest to learn all the jutsu in the world. The village is not contiguous, consisting of multiple assorted lairs located within the Land of Sound and outside it.


Kirigakure is the hidden village of the Land of Water, having originally possessed Isobu, the Three-Tails, and Saiken, the Six-Tails. The leader of the village is known as the Mizukage. An individual claiming to be Madara Uchiha has been referred to as the Mizukage, for he took control of the fourth Mizukage via the Sharingan.


Kumogakure  is the hidden village of the Land of Lightning. It is located on a high mountain, literally hidden in the clouds. The leader of the village is known as the Raikage, and its current leader is A , the Fourth Raikage.



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